44flavours “ENSEMBLE” — Pre-order

44flavours “ENSEMBLE” — Pre-order


Pre-order! Release October 2024

44flavours “ENSEMBLE”
Swiss Hardcover
240 pages
17 x 22 cm
Published by JB. Institute
Release: October 2024

“ENSEMBLE” is the first book by 44flavours and showcases a 20-year creative journey.

Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle have been working together as the artist duo 44flavours for over 20 years. We are happy to publish their first book. It will contain a careful selection of their projects and works from the last two decades, documenting the development and dynamics of their artistic collaboration.

The book will be complemented with texts by curator Elke Giffeler and artist Dinho Araujo. Elke Giffeler will categorize their work and provide a comprehensive overview. Dinho Araujo will write about their collaboration and joint projects in Brazil as well as his perspective on their work as a duo.

“In the book, we will look at our backgrounds and the dynamics of our collaboration: What context do we come from? How did we develop together? Another focus will be on our installation work and our experimentation with different materials, with bricolage playing a major role. Overall, our research into painting and the exploration of physical and imaginary spaces will be covered.

The main influences on our work can be filtered out as follows: encounters with other positions, investigating certain materials and learning techniques, discovering new places and ways of thinking, social exchange, and the activation and exploration of work processes in exchange with others, the development of a dynamic that leads to new ways of working and results, playful exploration, discovery, trial and error.”

Julio Rölle & Sebastian Bagge

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