Dela Charles — 548 Days

Dela Charles — 548 Days

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548 DAYS
Photo book
22 x 29 cm
96 pages, 72 images
Offset printing
Soft cover, swiss brochure, thread-stitching, open binding
includes 40 x 56 cm poster
Published by JB. Institute 2021

Supported by
Carhartt WIP

In 548 DAYS, the photographer Dela Charles from Berlin shows a series of images collected on travels across Europe, USA, and Australia over the course of several months. In her work, she combines her view of architecture and urban structures with her experience as a skateboarder. An important aspect of her work includes her position as a female skateboarder in a still male-dominated scene. In essence, this may not be visible in her images, nor how much time and patience and perseverance goes into her work to make her view and engagement with a spot tangible.

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