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Otto Grokenberger “Stranger In Polaroid”


“Stranger In Polaroid” by Otto Grokenberger
Photo art book
80 Pages, 4-color offset, hardcover
23 x 28 cm
Edition of 1000

ISBN 978-3-00-059036-8

Published by JB. Institute, Berlin

RELEASE DATE: May 5, 2018
If you are a book store and interested in selling this book, please send your inquiry to office@justbreathe.de

JB. Institute presents the new photo book “Stranger In Polaroid” showing exclusive images by Otto Grokenberger taken during the production of a landmark of independent cinema: “Stranger Than Paradise” by Jim Jarmusch.

“The photos in this book are no less extraordinary than any other aspect of ‘Stranger Than Paradise.’ 32 years later I re-discovered them in two unmarked boxes of Polaroids stored in my attic.”—Otto Grokenberger, Executive Producer

Press contact: Jenne Grabowski, jenne@justbreathe.de